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Your Wedding Your Way, Wedding Officiant, Cary, NC 

 As an Ordained and Seminary trained clergyman in both the Protestant and Catholic Traditions I've helped over 3,000 couples create beautiful wedding ceremonies over the past 25 years. I'll work closely with you as we personalize your wedding service until it is exactly what you want. I’ll provide you with as much guidance as you want and as much flexibility as you desire.
After serving for 20 years as a parish priest I became increasingly aware of God’s love and mercy for all people, both in and out of the church and left parish ministry to serve everyone, especially those wanting to be married outside the church or other houses of worship. I love weddings wherever they occur!

If you were raised in a formal religious church or tradition but no longer consider yourself "religious" but rather "spiritual" then I can help you create the perfect wedding ceremony that reflects both of your spiritualities. Whether you want a Christian faith or inter-faith ceremony or a spiritual but not religious ceremony, we can create it together.
For more information about booking a wedding date and creating a customized wedding ceremony call me at 919-710-4862 or email
I handle the details of preparing your ceremony and recording your license so you can savor the moments of your big day.

"You don't marry someone you can live with, you marry the person whom you cannot live without!"


Falling In Love?

It has been said that falling in love happens between two people who don’t know each other very well!! What really happens when people fall in love is that it provides the environment that can create opportunities to learn to know each other until that love takes root and grows and blossoms into a lifetime commitment.

It only takes one short sentence and the stroke of a pen to create a legal marriage in the state of North Carolina, but it takes a lot of understanding, patience and forgiveness to create a bond that will last a lifetime.

Together, we can reflect on your lives that brought you to this point where you know your relationship is more than just falling in love. It has become a relationship you want to continue to build for the rest of your lives.

Together we will create a beautiful ceremony that states those truths.
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