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About Your Wedding

Whether you want a traditional ceremony in a traditional setting or a more personalized ceremony in a non-traditional setting, I'll help you create the perfect wedding ceremony for you. Whether you want a Christian Faith or an Inter-Faith or a non-religious but spiritual ceremony we can create it together.

I’ve helped numerous couples create meaningful and beautiful ceremonies over the past 30 years performing 3,000 weddings during that time.

Many couples wish to incorporate symbolic rituals such as the Unity Candle or the Sand Ceremony.

Others may wish to use family or ethnic traditions such as the Irish Handfasting, The Blessing of the Hands, The Navajo Wedding Vase and the Native American Wedding Basket ceremonies. The Filipino Cord and Veil, Hispanic Arras Coins and the Tea Ceremony favored in many Asian weddings are meaningful and colorful additions to the wedding Ceremony.

Pinning the Tartan, the Presentation of Lucky Horseshoes to the Bride and the Sharing a Drink from the Loving Cup or Quaich are favorite Scottish Wedding Traditions.

The Breaking of the Glass at the end of a Jewish or Jewish-Christian ceremony, the Release of White Doves, and the Jumping of the Broom are richly symbolic ways of ending the ceremony.
If you have other traditions to include in your ceremony we can integrate them in appropriate and sensitive ways.

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