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Irish Scottish Wedding

The Celtic people have many wedding traditions. Among the colorful traditions which I’ve helped couples incorporate into their ceremony are the following:


This ancient rite dates back to the 11th century and is
where we get the term, “Tying the Knot.”

Presentation of Irish Six-Pence

A tradition of appreciation to our Irish mothers and/or grandmothers for giving us birth and providing a warm and caring home. This presentation is made with the reciting the old wedding blessing:

Something old, Something new,
Something borrowed, Something blue,
And a Six-pence for her shoe.”


Pinning the Tartan

The Mother of the groom places a sash of their tartan over the shoulder of the bride symbolizing that the bride is now one of their clan.

Presentation of Lucky Horseshoes

A charming tradition when the youngest male member of the groom’s family gives Lucky Horseshoes to the bride.

Drinking from the Loving Cup

Since the 15th century it has been common for Celtic people to toast each other with a ceremonial cup. In a wedding the traditional cup is a two handled bowl sometimes called a Quaich from which the bride and groom share their first drink as husband and wife symbolizing the uniting of the two families.

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