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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How far in advance should we confirm with you?
As soon as you set your date you should book your clergy. It is amazing how often two or more people want the same date.

Q: Can we have a dual clergy ceremony?
Absolutely; Inter-faith services such as Christian-Jewish, are always special when both traditions are represented.

Q: Is there any pre-marital counseling required?
No, but I will be glad to help you with that if you wish as I have counseled hundreds of couples over the years.   

Q: What about divorce?
Divorce is a reality of life today. Sometimes they are tragic, sometimes very necessary. Your new marriage is a new beginning and an opportunity to grow in love. I have performed many weddings for divorced people and will continue to do so.

Q: Can we write our own vows?
Yes! The vows you write are always the best ones whether you write part of them in a larger ceremony or all of them.

Q: What if we are already legally married?
About 1 out of 8 weddings I officiate are for couples who have been legally married by a judge sometime before the traditional wedding event.

Q: How is booking handled?
When you are certain you want me to officiate at your wedding you pay a non-refundable 50% deposit to hold that date for you so I can turn down anyone else who may want it. The balance is due on or before the date of the wedding.

Q: How far will you travel to marry us?  
As far as you wish, but mutually agreed upon traveling expenses are added for weddings out of the area.  

Q: What about the wedding license?
You can obtain a wedding license in the court house of the community or county of the wedding. However, the license is a state license and good anywhere with the state. Before the ceremony you give me the license which I'll have your two designated witnesses sign along with myself and then I'll send it back to the issuing courthouse.

Q: How do we get started?
First; We meet somewhere in-between where we both live, such as a coffee shop, to get to know each other. I'll answer all your questions and you'll tell me about what kind of wedding service you would like.

Second; If you would like me to officiate at your wedding, I'll give you a workbook with sample ceremonies, readings, prayers and vows for you to take home and choose from.

Third; You e-mail me back your selections which I then use to create your personalized wedding ceremony. I then send it back to you for any additional changes and final approval.

Q: What about rehearsals and receptions?
As you and I will have created and gone over the ceremony together in detail it is usually not necessary for me to attend the rehearsals which are handled by the wedding coordinator at your venue. Rehearsals primarily deal with how the bridal party walks in, where they stand and how they walk out. If I don't have a wedding at the time you've chosen for your rehearsal I attend. I attend the cocktail hour but usually do not stay for the meal.

Q: What's next?
Call me @ 919-710-4862 or e-mail me to answer more of your questions or set a time to get together.
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